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We Had An Amazing 2022 Summer! Thank you for hanging with us!

2023 Summer Camp Schedule Coming Soon!

2022 Summer Camps (Field Trips)

Week 1: May 30th-June 3rd Field Trip Camp (Bowling, Movies, Altitude, Gattitown, Pool)

Week 2: June 6th-10th Stunt Camp (Altitude)

Week 3: June 13-17th Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course (Altitude)

Week4: June 20th-24th Nerf Wars Camp (Dart em up)

Week 5: June 27th- July 1st Field Trip Camp (Blazer Tag, movies, Evo, Altitude, Pool)

*Canceled* Week 6: July 5th-8th Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course(Altitude)

Week 7:July 11th-15th Flips & Tricks (Altitude)

Week 8: July 18th-22nd Nerf Wars (Blazer Tag)

Week 9: July 25th-29th Gipsy Open Competition Camp (Pool)

Week 10: August 1st-5th Stunt/ Flips & Tricks Camp (Altitude)

Week 11: August 8th-11th Field Trip Camp 

(Gattitown, Movies, bowling, pool, altitude)

Camp Descriptions

Field Trip Camp
Ready for Adventure?! How about a different Field Trip Everyday of the week! 

Stunt Camp

Learn and perform a fight scene designed by the best stuntmen in the industry.

Ninja Warrior Camp

Do you have what it takes to be the next Ninja Warrior?!  Get ready for an action packed week of obstacle courses challenges!

Nerf Wars Camp

Get ready for a Nerf gun war! all week campers will be building forts and battling each other with nerf guns!

Flips & Tricks Camp

Flip out with us! Learn the basics of tricking and flipping! Guaranteed to leave camp with a couple new skills!

Gipsy open Competition Camp

Get prepared for one of the biggest tournaments in Texas! Train all week and Compete on Saturday!

Camp Policies 

Entry Process For Summer Camp: All New Era Martial Arts Campers will enter/exit through the side entrance by the bathrooms. This will be our businesses dedicated entryway, theater will enter through the front of the building and theater will enter through the theater entrance.

Please bring personal water bottles.

All Campers must Bring a Sack Lunch and Snacks, we do have vending machines available as well. 

* If your child has ANY symptoms (coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, sore throat, body aches, chills etc ), or a family member is having these symptoms, please keep your child home. 

* Please reiterate to your child the importance of social distancing and hygiene.

Drop off between 8:45am and 9am. Early drop off starting at 8am for $25 additional per week, to be paid at drop off.

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