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Chance Turner

 A world champion competitor and 5th degree black belt, Mr. Chance is the owner and lead instructor for New Era Martial Arts. He started competing nationally when he was 8 years old and has over 25 years of training in American Style Karate. He holds world titles in continuous sparring, point sparring, team sparring, and state championships in sparring, creative forms, and weapons.


Mr. Chance is an advocate for anti-bullying and a promoter for the Texas Karate Organization (TKO) circuit, with whom he holds The Centex Open Tournament annually here in Austin, TX. This event has been recognized by the governor for its contributions to the state and advancement of the sport. Mr. Chance continues to travel the country competing nationally for Team Gipsy.


When Mr. Chance is not working on New Era or immersing himself in the world of Karate, he is spending time with his son, Blake, another champion in training.


Mr. Chance is supported at New Era, by his mom, Ms. Lana, who is dedicated and passionate about the sport. She supports the office management functions, helps with After School activities, and is your Go To if you have any questions.

Ralph Urias

Mr. U, as the students refer to him, is a 4th degree black belt and has been active in the Sport Karate System for 18 years. Mr. U is a Self Defense Guru and instructs multiple classes at the facility. Mr U. founded the National Competition Team, Gipsy in the early 2000s, helping to spur a resurgence of Texas representation in Sport Karate. Gipsy is still known as one of the leading competition teams in the sport.


Mr U. has two children, who both went through the Karate system, inspiring Mr. U to begin his journey in Karate. Now he is passing the family tradition to his two granddaughters.

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