Beginner Class
Focuses on Basic technique, form, and self defense.
Ages 5 & up
Intermediate Class
Focuses on Intermediate level technique, form, and self defense.
Ages 5 & up
Advanced Class
Focuses on Advanced level technique, form, and self defense.
Ages 8 & up


Breaks down point and continous sparring. Students will drill and learn sparring strategy for 

tournaments or self defense.


All belts

Age 5 &  up

A blend of martial arts and gymnastics for advanced students. Focuses on coordination and body
control while exectuting tricks.
Age 5 &  up

Students will learn and practice both basic and advanced techiniques and tricks for competitons.


Age 5 &  up

Forms Class

This class is for all belt ranks to train their form needed for belt test. 

Age 5 &  up

Elite Competition Class (Invite Only)

This class is for students serious about competing and pushing themselves as martial artists. 

Age 8 &  up